Why Us

This question is something that you will likely “feel” after meeting one of our advisors or team members. We realize you are different. Your goals and concerns are different, and by embracing that, we provide value over the “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter” firms and large publicly traded brokerage houses. To quantify some of the reasons existing clients have chosen to work with us:

  • Team Approach –  Our team consists of 5 advisors who all specialize in different areas of practice.

  • Support – Our team of advisors is supported by experienced full-time administrative professionals.

  • Technology – We are capable of providing a blend of online and personal experience, embracing the face to face meetings but also able to accommodate a quick video chat or screen sharing session where we review your accounts or model the impacts of a financial decision in our planning software.

  • Adaptation – We will adapt to the situation.  Each client is unique and their financial plan or investment plan will be tailored to their individual situation.

  • An Alliance of Independents – Just as you take great care in deciding which financial professional fits your lifestyle, we have spent countless hours choosing a broker-dealer that fits ours. WRS Wealth Advisors chose one of the most respected independent broker-dealers in the industry, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.Cambridge provides the resources needed to deliver a wide variety of investment options and gives us the autonomy to run our business with your interests in mind.

By partnering with an independent broker-dealer, we do not have sales quotas to reach, nor are we limited by the products we offer. With Cambridge, you can trust that we will always follow your goals and help you succeed. Corporate interests are not a factor in our relationship with you.